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Bungie is charging $284 just to ship your $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn to Canada

Bungie is charging $284 just to ship your $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn to Canada


And that’s in US dollars

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Photo: Bungie

Did you save up a couple hundred bucks for the foam-firing Nerf version of Destiny’s legendary Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that went on preorder today? Hope you don’t live in Canada — because buyers are reporting they’re being asked for more than twice the price just to get it shipped to their door. The company says it’s working on a solution.

When Destiny’s Canadian fans lined up for the $185 USD Nerf Gjallarhorn today, they were told it’d cost another $283.62 USD for shipping add those together and convert, and you’re looking at a total of $608.29 in Canadian money.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing it cost more like $33 to ship to California. And in the UK, our own Tom Warren saw a quoted price of just €14.95 ($15 USD) to ship from Europe’s Bungie Store (which is located in the Netherlands, so not quite next door).

Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge

And no, Bungie doesn’t seem to be offering a discount on shipping if you buy two: you’ll pay $567.24 USD. Again, that’s just how much the shipping part costs.

We reached out to Bungie, and here’s the company’s response: “Bungie Store is aware of the high shipping rates being applied to Canada-bound orders for the Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster due to the size of the item. In light of this, we are working on a solution, and we expect to make additional purchase opportunities available for Canadian residents.”

That... doesn’t suggest it’s a bug? But it might be good news for those who didn’t get to buy one as a result of the high charge.

One would-be buyer joked “It would be cheaper for you to send me a large box filled with steel,” Another rightfully suggested it’d be cheaper to pay someone outside Canada to buy it for you and ship it themselves.

Whatever the issue is, it might not just be limited to the Gjallarhorn. Here’s someone complaining about having to pay $63.86 USD just to ship a poster:

While you wait for Bungie’s fix, here are more rightfully annoyed Canadians: