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Hitman 3 is getting its first new map on July 26th as free DLC

Hitman 3 is getting its first new map on July 26th as free DLC


Ambrose Island is ‘home to a dangerous pirate syndicate’

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Hitman 3’s new map, Ambrose Island, will arrive as free DLC to all players on July 26th, IO Interactive announced in its July roadmap. This marks the game’s first new map since it launched last January.

Judging by the trailer, Ambrose Island looks like a dingy, tropical locale led by a rebel outcast. IO Interactive says the map is a “fully explorable sandbox location” with a “hidden cove, home to a dangerous pirate syndicate operating in the Andaman Sea and to many hidden secrets.” It’s also set to come with a slate of new targets, challenges, and rewards to unlock.

IO Interactive first previewed the map — codenamed “Rocky” at the time — as part of its year two reveal earlier this year. In May, the game studio announced that it had pushed Ambrose Island’s release date up to make up for the delay of Hitman 3’s upcoming roguelike mode, called Freelancer. The new mode was originally set to come out in spring 2022, but it’s now supposed to arrive in the second half of this year.

IO Interactive also outlined a number of other changes in its roadmap. It’s swapping in Himmapan Hotel as the game’s free rotating location until July 17th, and has added Vicente Murillo as the current Elusive Target, with Wen Ts’ai set to make a return on July 15th.