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Rick and Morty are getting into the podcast game in first season 6 trailer

Rick and Morty are getting into the podcast game in first season 6 trailer


Rick and Morty’s sixth season is finally coming to Adult Swim

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Though Rick and Morty’s fifth season tore its titular duo apart and focused on just how evil some of their multiversal counterparts could be, it ultimately brought the grandfather / grandson team even closer together to highlight how they’ve matured as people. While Rick and Morty’s new season 6 trailer doesn’t directly touch on any of the series’ dangling plot lines, like what became of the “evil” President Morty after he stepped through a golden portal, it suggests that the entire Smith family’s going to become more involved in Rick’s adventures.

After years of wanting more chances to mix it up with aliens from other worlds, Rick’s (Justin Roiland) granddaughter Summer (Spencer Grammer) seems to be finally getting what she asked for and realizing that it really isn’t all that great. While Summer might not be much of a John McClane type, both her mother Beth (Sarah Chalke) and Beth’s clone, Space Beth (also Chalke), are much more prepared to deal with the madness their father’s antics continue to bring into their lives.

The fact that Rick appears to be on the run from numerous people who want him dead may point to the new season bringing President Morty back into the picture with a complicated plot meant to rid the universe of his nemesis. Just as well, Rick and Morty’s sixth season may just be about the sheer number of people who still have it out for the old man, especially now that he’s that much tighter with his family.

Rick and Morty’s sixth season premieres on Adult Swim on September 4th.