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Goku’s maybe getting a gun... in Fortnite

Goku’s maybe getting a gun... in Fortnite


*Steven Tyler voice* Goku’s got a gun

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - Season 95
Image: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In the endless cavalcade of Fortnite crossovers comes a new one that I’m actually surprised hasn’t happened sooner. Goku’s potentially coming, meaning a handful of beloved Dragon Ball characters are also about to get dropped off at Tilted Towers strapped with an AK and some slurp juice. Sweet lord Jesus, that’s a sentence.

The Fortnite Twitter account teased the news, hinting at an August 16th release, and players are already seeing what look to be assets from the event. One of them is a bunch of in-game furniture that looks like Master Roshi’s outdoor lounge area featuring a Capsule Corp capsule. The other is a wallpaper featuring Master Roshi’s iconic deserted island.

We already know nothing is sacred to Fortnite when there’s money to be made, but at the risk of repeating a familiar refrain, it feels wrong to have Goku blast anything that’s not a Kamehameha wave. Guns are better suited to Yamcha or Oolong. Hell, I know Bulma and Launch stay strapped. But Goku? No. Doesn’t matter, though. We are but fools to try to stem the tide that is Fortnite’s incomprehensible crossovers. At least this addition might finally give us a realistic answer to the age-old question of who would in a fight:


Image of Superman next to the Fortnite logo
Image: Epic Games

or Goku?

Screenshot from Dragon Ball Super featuring a magenta-haired Goku curling his hand into a gun shape and firing the God Shot energy move
Image: Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation