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Is it a table? Is it a lamp? Yes, and it’s also LG’s latest air purifier

Is it a table? Is it a lamp? Yes, and it’s also LG’s latest air purifier


It offers air purification, wireless charging, and ‘mood lighting’

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LG PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture
This LG air purifier doubles as a table and a wireless charger and can switch between eight preset “mood lighting” options.
Image: LG

LG’s latest attempt to make air purifiers more “innovative” and less of an eyesore has come to fruition with its range of Aero Furniture, a collection of tables with an air purifier, mood lighting, and wireless charging for your gadgets shoved inside.

The PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture design features a rounded tower base that houses the air 360-degree purifier and a flat surface atop that contains a wireless charging pad for compatible gadgets such as phones or earbuds. Actual wattage was not provided for the wireless charging, but LG states that fast charging is available for Samsung Galaxy (9-10W) and Apple iPhone (7.5W) phones.

“360-degree air purification and user-friendly features”

This range is not directly advertised as a table, despite… well, being a table. LG states within the press release announcing the Aero Furniture that it “provides a useful place for storing household items or displaying decorative objects.” The “PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture” name could imply that other household furnishings could appear within the range, though, so perhaps an air purifying bookcase or credenza is in the pipeline.

There are two options of tabletop available, round or track (oblong), and three color options: rose, yellow and gray. The color is consistent across both the tabletop and base, which makes for a great statement piece (if you’re into bright, pop art-inspired furniture), though it’s unclear if there will be an option to mix and match the bases / toppers in the future.

LG Air purifier tables in rose, yellow and gray.
It’s an acquired design taste, but honestly, we don’t hate it.
Image: LG Electronics, Inc.

LG has, however, said that limited edition models will be coming, as well as “exclusive table-top decorations designed by well-known artists, such as popular South Korean painter, Kim Sun-woo.”

Buttons can be found on the underside of the tabletop that allow you to control the airflow and the eight available mood lighting options, as well as power the device on and off. There are also indicators near the edge of the tabletop surface that will display Wi-Fi connectivity, air quality, air flow strength, and upgrade status. The LG ThinQ app (used to control a wide array of home appliances from the brand) is compatible with the Aero Furniture if you want to adjust lighting or purifier settings remotely without fumbling around under the table.

We should note that while the design is certainly unique, this isn’t the only air-purifying furniture on the market. Ikea has the Starkvind table for $259, which can purify the air in a space of up to 20 square meters, though it lacks the built-in charging and mood lighting offered by the Objet Aero Furniture.

“LG’s unique air purifier is designed with sustainability in mind”

LG claims that the product is designed sustainably, “incorporating components fabricated from reusable plastic harvested from old appliances and electronics products, and shipping in packaging made from reusable materials.”

The table’s seemingly compact size could make it better suited for smaller spaces, such as in a bedroom or studio, though there are no product dimensions to reference if you wanted to see how it could fit into a space within your home. LG also hasn’t mentioned the range of the device’s air purification or what kind of filters are used beyond proprietary terms like “LG’s Ultra-fine Filter.” 

The brand considers this release a follow-up to the LG PuriCare AeroTower (which isn’t a table nor bares any resemblance to the Aero Furniture range) that uses True HEPA filters. LG’s UVnano technology is also included, which claims to reduce viruses and bacteria on and around the Aero Furniture’s fan blades by up to 99.99 percent, but more independent testing will need to be done to see if these claims hold true.

Pricing, filtration range, product dimensions, and a release date have yet to be announced for the Aero Furniture collection; however, the product will be on display at IFA 2022 between September 2nd and 6th, where, hopefully, we can get some additional details ahead of launch.