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Here’s how much Apple charges for every part to fix your own MacBook

Here’s how much Apple charges for every part to fix your own MacBook


What Apple will sell you separately — and what it won’t

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Image: Apple

Yesterday, Apple revealed it would expand its Self Service Repair program to let you fix your own MacBooks, and today the program is here. You can now download full repair manuals for your 2021 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros and the 2020 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro and M1 MacBook Air — and shop for parts you might need.

But what will Apple actually let you buy, and how much will you really have to pay? That’s not obvious until you enter your serial numbers and root around the company’s entire store — so we did it for you.

Apple MacBook part price list, 2022

Parts14-inch MBP (2021) 16-inch MBP (2021)MBP (M1, 2020)MBA (M1, 2020)
Antenna module$15$15$15$15
Audio board$12$12$12$12
Audio board flex cableN/AN/AN/A$5
BatteryN/AN/AN/A$119.25 ($22.50 credit)
Battery cover$4.50$4.50$5$4.50
Battery management unit flex cable$5$13.20$9N/A
Bottom case$78.32$87.12$78.32$69.52
Display $672.32 ($93.28 credit)$760.32 ($93.28 credit)$527.12 ($88 credit)$395.12 ($88 credit)
Embedded DisplayPort flex cableN/AN/A$6$5
Fan$15 each$15 each$15N/A
I/O or USB board$12$12$12$14
Keycap kit (various)$39$39$39$39
Keycap kit (Fn row)N/AN/AN/A$39
Keyboard scissor switches$39$39$39$39
Lid angle sensor (included with 2021 display)$13.20 ($5.28 credit)$13.20 ($5.28 credit)N/AN/A
Logic board$878-$3,958 ($499.84 after credit)$1,054-$4,222 ($587.84 after credit)$790-$1494 ($499.84 after credit)$526-$1,406 ($367.84 after credit)
MagSafe 3 board$13.20$13.20N/AN/A
Speaker N/AN/A$29$29
Top case w/ keyboardN/AN/AN/A$307.12 ($88 credit)
Top Case w/ battery, keyboard, speakers, mic, cables$527.12 ($88 credit)$615.12 ($88 credit)$527.12 ($88 credit)N/A
Touch ID board$87.10 ($26.40 credit)$87.10 ($26.40 credit)$87.10 ($26.40 credit)$87.10 ($26.40 credit)
Trackpad$95.92 ($17.60 credit)$95.92 ($17.60 credit)$95.92 ($17.60 credit)$95.92 ($17.60 credit)
Trackpad flex cableN/AN/A$5$9

Many prices seem (relatively) generous! Others, not so much. You can’t just replace your own battery or keyboard on a MacBook Pro, for example! You have to buy the entire top lid that comes with that and other parts preattached, and it’ll cost you more than twice the $199 that Apple charges for a battery replacement.

Apple spokesperson Patrick Leahy confirmed to The Verge that a battery replacement part will eventually be available, but wouldn’t say when. Admittedly, your 2021 battery shouldn’t be wearing out just yet. No word on keyboard or speakers, either.

The battery, speakers, microphone, and keyboard are fixed to the top case of 2021 MacBook Pros.
The battery, speakers, microphone, and keyboard are fixed to the top case of 2021 MacBook Pros.
Image: Apple

And while you can replace just the battery on your 2020 M1 MacBook Air, you’ll have to spend $39 — the same price as a full set of keycaps — to replace broken keys on your function row. That might be because Apple ships seven sets of Fn keycaps at a time:

That’s a lot of function row keycaps.
That’s a lot of function row keycaps.
Image: Apple

The motherboard prices are particularly interesting. Not only will Apple not let you upgrade to a higher-end board, the company is dramatically incentivizing you to return the original part. It expects you to lay out as much as $4,222 for a new logic board — ouch at having that on my credit card — but you’ll get the vast majority of it back upon return. You should wind up paying $588 for a 16-inch MacBook Pro board, $500 for a 14-inch or 13-inch MBP board, or $368 for an M1 Air board, no matter how loaded it is.

Apple logic board prices, 2022

CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage14-inch MBP (2021) 16-inch MBP (2021)MBP (M1, 2020)MBA (M1, 2020)
M1 Pro 8/14/16GB/512GB$878.24 ($378.40 credit)N/AN/AN/A
M1 Pro 10/16/16GB/512GB$1,142.24 ($642.40 credit)$1,054.24 ($466.40 credit)N/AN/A
M1 Pro 10/16/16GB/1TB$1,318.24 ($818.40 credit)$1,230.24 ($642.40 credit)N/AN/A
M1 Max 10/32/32GB/1TB$2,022.24 ($1,522.40 credit)$1,934.24 ($1,346.40 credit)N/AN/A
M1 Max 10/32/64GB/8TB$3,958.24 ($3,458.40 credit)$4,222.24 ($3,634.40 credit)N/AN/A
M1 8GB/256GBN/AN/AN/A$526.24 ($158.40 credit)
M1 8GB/512GBN/AN/A$790.24 ($290.40 credit)$702.24 ($334.40 credit)
M1 8GB/1TBN/AN/A$966.24 ($466.40 credit)$878.24 ($510.40 credit)
M1 8GB/2TBN/AN/A$1,318.24 ($818.40 credit)$1,230.24 ($852.40 credit)
M1 16GB/256GBN/AN/AN/A$702.24 ($334.40 credit)
M1 16GB/512GBN/AN/A$996.24 ($466.40 credit)$878.24 ($510.40 credit)
M1 16GB/1TBN/AN/A$1,142.24 ($642.40 credit)$1,054.24 ($686.40 credit)
M1 16GB/2TBN/AN/A$1,494.24 ($994.40 credit)$1,406.24 ($1,038.40 credit)

Not an exhaustive list; these are some of the most popular configs.

Lastly, here’s a list of the optional tools and some secondary parts you might need:

Apple MacBook tools and misc parts, 2022

Tools and partsPrice
Bottom case removal kit (2020 MBP only)$300
Display press (2020 MBA only)$216
Battery support and press plate (2020 MBA only)$99.50
Torque driver 0.65 kgf cm$100
Adjustable torque driver (various)$59
Kapton tape$35
Pentalobe driver$29
Touch ID board flex cable adhesive (2020 MBP)$29
Touch ID board flexible cowling 3pc (2020 MBP)$15
Keycap tool kit (includes keycap lever)$13
Suction cups, 2pc$10
Battery and speaker adhesive$9
Gap offset kit 4pc (2020 MBA)$9
Screws, 5pc (various kits)$5
Cowlings (various)$5
Bumpers (various)$5
Ducts (various)$5
Display hinge covers (various)$5
Speaker grommet$5
Keycap lever 2pc$4.80
Keycap adhesive strips (arrow keys, FN keys)$2.60
Antenna tool$2.50
Nylon probe$2.50
Keycap adhesive strips (full keys)$1.50
Touch ID alignment kit $0.50

You can also opt for Apple’s $49 tool rental — if you’re willing to sign away its whole purchase price in the event you don’t return it within seven days. (This nearly got me in trouble when I used one to repair my iPhone, as my parts arrived days after the kit, and even though I sent it back in time, Apple initially reported it missing.)

You can find a list of everything that comes with the MacBook tool rental at the bottom of this webpage. Interestingly, only the 2020 MacBook kits come with big, heavy special tools like display and battery presses.

Update August 24th, 12:07PM ET: Added Apple confirmation that the battery will eventually be sold separately.