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Xbox app on PC now launches faster and has HowLongToBeat integration

Xbox app on PC now launches faster and has HowLongToBeat integration


Microsoft has been steadily improving its Xbox app

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Microsoft’s Xbox app running on a Windows 11 PC
The Xbox app on PC now launches 15 percent faster.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is updating its Xbox app on Windows with HowLongToBeat integration and faster launch times. The Xbox team has partnered with HowLongToBeat to provide estimates for long it will take to beat PC Game Pass games. HowLongToBeat is a community-based site that lets people track how long a game will take and see if a game is worth buying or playing.

The HowLongToBeat integration in the Xbox app on Windows includes estimations for the main story of the game alongside estimates for additional quests, 100 percent completion, and a combination of play styles. You’ll be able to submit your own times and even see community reviews, playthrough notes, and breakdowns by playstyles.

HowLongToBeat will be integrated into PC Game Pass titles inside the Xbox app on Windows.
HowLongToBeat integration inside the Xbox app.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is also improving how fast it takes the Xbox app to launch on Windows. “We’re committed to continuing to improve the performance and reliability of the app,” explains Jason Beaumont, partner director of product management for the Xbox player experiences and platform team. “With the most recent update, the app now launches up to 15 percent faster, and we’ve also made some fixes for overall better responsiveness when you interact with key experiences in the app.”

That should mean improvements in downloading and installing games alongside better search results, too. Microsoft has also made some much-needed improvements to the game details pages so you can see trailers and screenshots right at the top of a listing.

Overall, the improvements are a welcome change for the Xbox app on Windows. Microsoft has been overhauling this app for months and made it possible to install PC games to any folder earlier this year.