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Here’s Krafton’s virtual human Ana in action

Here’s Krafton’s virtual human Ana in action


From the company behind PUBG

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Earlier this year, Krafton — the company best known for the battle royale shooter PUBGunveiled what it described as a “hyper-realistic” virtual human. Alongside those first images and details were some big plans to turn Ana, as she’s known, into a virtual star. Now we can see what that looks like with a brand-new music video.

The video is for a catchy track called “Shine Bright,” and it mixes some fantastical imagery — like Ana falling from the sky and wielding what looks like a magic ring — with the visuals you’d expect from a pop song. Perhaps most interesting are the smaller details, like Ana sneezing, meant to make this virtual creation seem more human. Krafton claims that Ana’s singing, meanwhile, is “completely artificial intelligence-driven.”

Krafton’s description of the character is a little... well, just read it for yourself:

As a virtual influencer, Ana has many hobbies, which include gaming, music, dancing, and fashion. In addition to these interests, her largest motivating factor is spreading joy and happiness through music and entertainment. Ana is more than what meets the eye though, as she wields unexpected powers.

With the release of her initial photos, curious viewers may have noticed a green crystal ring on her finger. The ring itself allows her to teleport to different locations and interact with the world in various ways. In addition to never having to worry about traffic, Ana is also the owner of a “fizz” bubble gun, which gives her the ability to raise the mood and feelings of everybody around her.

It may sound a little weird, but Ana is a part of a growing trend of virtual characters and avatars infiltrating the music industry. Sometimes that results in cool virtual concerts; other times, it means rappers dressed up as Bored Apes. Krafton even worked with K-pop stars Blackpink on a music video set entirely within PUBG Mobile. Looking forward, the company is hoping to turn Ana into “a global pop star.”