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Zoom is back online, so the free work vacation is over

Zoom is back online, so the free work vacation is over


Zoom has resolved a major outage

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Zoom went down for around an hour this morning, giving everyone working from home a bonus brief period of time without back-to-back meetings. Users saw plenty of “an error occurred” messages, and most weren’t able to launch meetings. Zoom’s main website,, even displayed a 502 gateway error for the majority of the outage.

Zoom’s status page revealed there was a “major outage” for around an hour, preventing many people from attending meetings. Zoom eventually addressed the outage at 11:37AM ET. “We have resolved the issue causing users to be unable to start and join Zoom Meetings,” says a Zoom status message.

While the Zoom outage affected most users, some Zoom accounts were still able to connect using personal logins, but work and school accounts were heavily affected.

Zoom last experienced a major outage for two hours in 2020, with users unable to join meetings and webinars. Zoom eventually deployed a fix and got video calls up and running once again.

Update September 15th, 11:35AM ET: Article updated with latest comment from Zoom.

Update September 15th, 11:47AM ET: Article updated to note Zoom has fixed its outage and it’s time to get back to work, people.