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iOS update fixes annoying iPhone 14 activation bug

iOS update fixes annoying iPhone 14 activation bug


A bug was initially preventing users from setting up their iPhone 14 over Wi-Fi

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A photo of an iPhone running iOS 16, customizing a lock screen with a photo of fish.
New iPhone activations have been encountering issues on open Wi-Fi networks
Photo by David Pierce / The Verge

If you’ve been having trouble setting up your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, you aren’t alone. According to MacRumors, the company has sent a memo saying it is a known issue in iOS 16 when attempting to activate devices on open Wi-Fi networks.

Thankfully, Apple has already provided a solution in the form of its iOS 16.0.1 update. The latest update, which is only available for the iPhone 14 lineup, should resolve any activation or migration issues facing owners of the new iPhone, but users may need to update and restore their phones using a Mac or PC to fully address the issue.

The iOS 16 update became available on September 12th for the iPhone 8 and newer, changing just about every app or screen of the mobile operating system. Some of the more notable improvements mentioned in our in-depth iOS 16 review include an extensive renovation of the lock screen, letting you add widgets to access vital information without unlocking your phone. This feature includes new widgets added by Apple that let you keep a running tally of your fitness habits, like steps taken or how much water you’ve had.

Overall, the latest iOS update has made some worthwhile steps in the right direction but clearly still has some issues to address. The first beta for iOS 16.1 was made available earlier this week, adding a battery percentage indicator to some iPhone models that didn’t have it before (like the iPhone Minis) and updating Apple’s new Dynamic Island included with the iPhone 14 Pros so that it can be accessed more easily when using Reachability.