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Fortnite’s new season adds Spider-Gwen and goopy chrome

Fortnite’s new season adds Spider-Gwen and goopy chrome


Welcome to Paradise

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A new season of Fortnite is upon us, and it’s dripping with chrome. Today sees the launch of Chapter 3: Season 4 for the battle royale game, dubbed “Paradise,” and the big change this time around is a mysterious new substance. It’s called chrome, and it appears to be able to change just about everything it touches: you can splash it on walls to go right through them or splash it on yourself for temporary fire immunity and faster sprinting.

Other additions this season including new locations, like a floating condo, and other points of interest that have, naturally, been infested with chrome. Sniper rifles have received a big buff, increasing both damage and headshot multipliers. There’s also a new kind of vault, which can be opened by finding various keys located across the island, giving players access to high-level loot.

And a new season means a new battle pass, with lots of characters to unlock. Highlighting this season’s battle pass is Spider-Gwen, and players who purchase the pass will immediately get access to a new skin called Paradigm. Other additions include a hipster cat, a strange bear creature, a werewolf (?), and yet another very cool anime skin. Here’s the full battle pass lineup in trailer form:

This season follows the light-hearted vibes of Paradise, which kicked off in June following a mech battle live event. That season of Fortnite was notable in particular for a huge Dragon Ball crossover event that let players give Goku a gun. Fortnite in general seems to have received a big boost this year following the introduction of a Zero Build mode in March.