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Tom Brady just chucked another Microsoft Surface tablet

Tom Brady just chucked another Microsoft Surface tablet


And Microsoft had something to say this time

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Tom Brady whips a Microsoft Surface tablet into the ground during a football game.

Tom Brady might as well have been practicing his touchdown spike when he whipped a Microsoft Surface tablet into the ground during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Saints on Sunday night. The quarterback was visibly frustrated following an incomplete pass, tossed his helmet onto the field, and stormed back to the sidelines where he chucked the tablet.

The Buccs were losing when Brady threw the tablet, but they ended up coming back and defeating the Saints 20-10. This isn’t Brady’s first documented case of tablet abuse — he threw the thing so hard against the bench after losing a Saints game last year that it actually bounced.

Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay responded to the incident on his Instagram story this time around, saying “Rest assured the Surface should be just fine.” I’m not so sure about that, Panos. The last tablet we saw Brady throw was destroyed, and we didn’t get to see how it fared after this temper tantrum.

The Surface tablet has become a punching bag for players and coaches alike since they were first introduced to the NFL in 2014. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the first to get caught on camera tossing the tablet, and even Patriots coach Bill Belichick smashed it on the sidelines, albeit for reasons other than gameplay (he just couldn’t stand using tablets).

NFL’s website says Microsoft designed the Surface tablets specifically for football games, ensuring they can “stand up to the occasional drop.” Maybe Microsoft should make sure they withstand a throw from a quarterback’s throwing arm, too.

Correction September 18th, 6:16PM ET: A previous version of the article stated Bill Belichick was the former coach of the Patriots, when he is the current coach. We regret the error.