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Streamer involved in Twitch gambling saga now embroiled in sexual assault allegations

Streamer involved in Twitch gambling saga now embroiled in sexual assault allegations


After taking shots at another streamer for his alleged crypto scams, Mizkif was accused of ‘covering up’ a sexual assault

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Image of Twitch streamer Mizkif, a brown-haired, fair-skinned male wearing a cream colored t-shirt and black headphones with neon blue cat ears poking up from the band.
Mizkif / YouTube

The fallout regarding a Twitch streamer’s gambling scam has taken a dramatic and disturbing turn as one streamer involved has been accused of “covering up” a sexual assault.

Yesterday, news broke that ItsSliker scammed fellow streamers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to support a sports gambling addiction. That news, in turn, prompted several prominent streamers, including Pokimane, Asmongold, and HasanAbi, to call for the banning of slot gambling on Twitch despite the fact Sliker’s gambling wasn’t slots. One of the streamers calling for the Twitch gambling ban and a potential boycott of Twitch to further the issue was Mizkif, owner of OTKNetwork, a popular streaming network that counts content creators like Emiru and the aforementioned Asmongold as its members. Mizkif was on a call with HasanAbi as the two confronted Sliker for his scamming and gambling habits.

On September 19th, Asmongold tweeted asking why Sliker had not been banned from Twitch. (As of this writing, he is still active on Twitch and even posted a video yesterday saying he was seeking help for his addiction.) Trainwreckstv, a streamer who frequently features slot gambling and also said that he, too, was asked for money by Sliker, responded to Asmongold’s tweet, saying that Asmongold and Mizkif were using the gambling situation as some kind of personal vendetta against him.

In a now-deleted tweet, Mizkif responded that if scamming is the requirement for deplatforming someone, Trainwreck himself should be removed from Twitch for promoting a seemingly worthless cryptocurrency called Jolt Coin.

tweet from @mizkif reading: “If we’re going to deplatform people for scamming others shouldn’t we have banned you for jolt coin a few years back?
Twitter / Mizkif

Trainwreckstv responded with the now-bombshell accusation heard ’round the Twitch community that Mizkif was responsible for covering up a sexual assault perpetrated by a close friend. 

At this point, we enter the second and most disturbing half of this story and the main thrust of the current controversy. The sexual assault in question was allegedly committed by CrazySlick, who is a friend of Mizkif and was, at one time, his housemate. CrazySlick allegedly assaulted AdrianahLee, a Texas-based streamer. In a stream posted yesterday, AdrianahLee claimed CrazySlick sent her sexually charged messages without her consent and assaulted her while she was passed out at a party. After that incident, AdrianahLee claimed she was coerced into coming forward about the assault and was coached by Mizkif and his then-girlfriend on what to say under the auspices that she would not receive backlash and to seemingly downplay Slick’s culpability in the incident.

In the two-hour video, AdrianahLee showed clips of Mizkif saying CrazySlick did “harass” her while also talking about how, post-assault, CrazySlick used his connection to Mizkif — who seemingly wielded considerable power in their Texas-based streaming community — to undermine AlanahLee’s career and alienate her from her friends

“People I’ve literally known for years and were super close with have turned on me and tried to come up with some random reason to not like me because they’re mad they can’t get in the Mizkif circlejerk,” AdrianahLee said through tears.

She later showed more clips on her stream of Mizkif allegedly downplaying Alanah’s assault, with him saying, “It’s sexual harassment, whatever, at a low scale, it’s not really a big deal. I don’t think people really gave a shit, really cared.”

CrazySlick responded in a now-deleted tweet (from a now-deleted account) that he never assaulted anyone, saying, “I am getting a lawyer ASAP. Learn from the Johnny Depp situation and think first.” 

A screenshot of a deleted tweet from @crazyslick_ that reads: I have never sexually assaulted anyone and never will. I have never had any intentions of ever harming anyone. I go out of my way to check on someone and I get accused of rape, this is unfair, I will be getting a lawyer ASAP. Learn from the Johnny Depp situation and think first.
Twitter / CrazySlick_

Mizkif has not responded on Twitter nor to a request for comment from The Verge