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Overwatch 2 loses lead hero designer just before sequel launches

Overwatch 2 loses lead hero designer just before sequel launches


And days after the 35th hero was revealed

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Screenshot from Overwatch 2 featuring the new hero Kiriko, a Japanese ninja clad in a red and white shrine maiden outfit modified to look like contemporary streetwear sending forth her spectral blue colored fox spirit
Image: Blizzard

Overwatch 2 lead hero designer Geoff Goodman has left Blizzard. First reported by PC Gamer, the long-time Blizzard employee decided to leave the company “earlier this year,” according to a statement from Blizzard to The Verge. Blizzard’s full response reads:

“We thank Geoff for his many years of service at Blizzard and wish him all the best. His ability to bring to life Overwatch’s diverse hero roster through gameplay has been incredible, and the mark he’s left on the Warcraft and Overwatch teams will be felt for years to come.”

The loss of Overwatch 2’s lead hero designer is an ironically timed blow, as a few short days ago, Kiriko, the game’s 35th hero, was revealed.

Overwatch 2’s development suffered several setbacks, including a protracted development cycle and the loss of high-ranking developers in the midst of the company’s sexual harassment and discrimination suits. Goodman is now the second notable Geoff (albeit with a different spelling) to leave the Overwatch 2 project. Last year, Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch 2’s beloved director, left the company after nearly 20 years.