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Logitech’s G Fits can mold their ear tips to deliver made-for-you sound

Logitech’s G Fits can mold their ear tips to deliver made-for-you sound


The purple ear tip-molding LEDs seem like a perfect fit for RGB-loving gamers

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The Logitech G Fits wireless earbuds sitting in an opened yellow case.
Look familiar? Yep, these are practically identical to the UE Fits.
Image: Logitech

Logitech thinks that console and PC gamers, not just audiophiles, might appreciate having custom-molded ear tips for enhanced bass and sound quality. The $229.99 G Fits, releasing in October, borrow the same party trick from the 2020 UE Fits: a one-time, 60-second setup that uses LEDs to heat and morph the ear tips to the shape of your inner ear.

It’s identical to how we laid it out in the UE Fits review, where Chris Welch notes that the companion mobile app will remind you to firmly hold each earbud in your ear and to stay calm with a relaxed jaw. “During molding, the tips warm up, which is an unusual sensation for something in your ears,” Chris says. It’s far from your average setup process for earbuds, but it leads to a custom (and very comfortable) fit and seal for better sound.

A GIF showing a UE Fits ear bud achieving a custom mold by activating purple LEDs.
This is from UE Fits marketing, but the G Fits’ molding process is the same.
GIF: Ultimate Ears

The G Fits are also identical in design to the UE Fits, down to the pill-shaped design, big charging case, dual beamforming mics on each earbud, and more. The company has made a couple of updates to internals, including a new chipset, bigger batteries, as well as support for Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless 2.4GHz connection. The G Fits will include a USB-A transmitter (along with a USB-C to A adapter) for use in most modern consoles or computers, and they can also connect to your devices via Bluetooth 5.2. If you’re doing some mobile gaming, this model includes a low-latency Bluetooth mode.

If you’re considering these as an all-in-one solution for both a gaming headset and casual wireless earbuds, there are a few quick specs that you’ll likely want to know. It sports IPX3 for limited water and dust resistance, and sadly, the G Fits don’t support simultaneous wireless connections, so you won’t be able to game and take calls via Bluetooth at the same time.

A model turning to the side, smiling, while wearing the Logitech G Fits earbuds
The G Fits will be available in white or black when they launch in October.
Image: Logitech

Logitech claims that the G Fits can last up to seven hours per charge while using the Lightspeed 2.4GHz wireless mode or 10 hours when connected via Bluetooth. The charging case can provide an extra eight hours of battery life in Lightspeed mode or another 12 hours for Bluetooth. The charging case doesn’t support wireless charging.

The G Fits are Logitech’s big play to make an impression with wireless gaming earbuds, joining the few companies like HyperX and EPOS that have tried before (with mixed results). Logitech’s $229.99 price is high, which isn’t surprising given that it’s borrowing a lot from earbuds that were similarly priced at launch (UE Fits launched at $249.99). I don’t doubt that the G Fits will make a great impression in terms of sound quality, though I’m skeptical that their onboard controls and few other features will make their high cost feel justifiable for most people looking for a headset.