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Logitech’s new key light could almost pass for a regular desk lamp

Logitech’s new key light could almost pass for a regular desk lamp


Logitech is announcing the Litra Beam alongside a new XLR microphone today

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Logitech’s Litra Beam key light sitting above a monitor.
The Litra Beam sitting above a monitor.
Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

Logitech is introducing a new key light for streamers with a low-profile design that almost makes it look like a regular desk lamp. Rather than using a circular design like Elgato’s popular Ring Light or a square shape like the Key Light Air or Logitech’s own Litra Glow, the new $99.99 Litra Beam has a long, thin shape. The PC accessory manufacturer is announcing the light alongside a new $349.99 XLR microphone called the Blue Sona.

I could see the Litra Beam’s low-profile form factor appealing to anyone who’s streaming, podcasting, or making video calls in a communal part of their home. Although devices like Elgato’s Ring Light are excellent at keeping you illuminated while broadcasting, they take up a lot of space. In contrast, the Litra Beam can be aligned neatly with the top of a monitor or pointed down at a desk to act as a traditional desk lamp when you’re not streaming. 

Logitech’s Litra Beam positioned vertically.
The Litra Beam can also be positioned vertically.
Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

The Litra Beam itself has an on / off button as well as hardware controls for brightness and color temperature, with the latter adjustable between a relatively warm 2700K and a super cool 6500K. Color temp can also be changed via software using Logitech’s G Hub desktop app. Connection options include USB and Bluetooth, and there’s cable management built into its stand for the USB cable. Note that there’s no built-in battery, so you’re going to need to plug the Beam’s USB cable in for power regardless of how it’s connected to a computer. 

Alongside the Litra Beam, Logitech is also announcing a new XLR microphone: the $349.99 Blue Sona. It’s a dynamic microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern. That means it needs to be positioned around 10cm from your mouth for optimal sound, according to Logitech’s Julien Garros, but it shouldn’t pick up much in the way of keyboard clacking or other background noises. The mic’s integrated windscreen (the foam cover that reduces popping sounds) is available in red or gray, attaches magnetically, and is easily removable, while the body comes in gray or off-white. 

Although the Blue Sona is equipped with these quality-of-life features, it’s not an all-in-one package. Although Logitech says its built-in preamp (with a gain boost of 25dB) means you shouldn’t need an external mic booster, you’ll still need an audio interface to connect this XLR microphone to a computer. It also doesn’t come with a stand. Instead, you get a small swivel mount that’s designed to attach it to a standard mic arm.

Logitech’s Blue Sona XLR microphone.
The Blue Sona XLR microphone.
Image: Logitech

Both the Litra Beam and Blue Sona are available starting today across the US, Canada, and select European countries including the UK. The Litra Beam costs $99.99 (about £99 or €119), while the Blue Sona costs $349.99 (about £329 or €349).