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This new turntable can play music directly to a Sonos system

This new turntable can play music directly to a Sonos system


The $799 Stream Carbon can wirelessly play your vinyl on Sonos speakers without requiring a Five, Amp, or Connect

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An image of the Victrola Stream Carbon turntable on a shelf with a Sonos Five speaker at each side.
No wires necessary to get this turntable on your Sonos system.
Image: Victrola

Getting your vinyl playing on a Sonos system has never been necessarily hard; it just takes the right gear. You can plug a turntable into something like the Sonos Five, Amp, or Connect. Or if you’ve got a Bluetooth-enabled turntable, the Sonos Roam can beam that audio to the rest of your system. But obviously the ideal solution would be a turntable that transmits audio directly to a Sonos system with no extra hardware required. That’s exactly what the new Victrola Stream Carbon turntable offers.

Priced at $799, the Stream Carbon “requires no additional equipment for connecting to a Sonos ecosystem, allowing effortless setup and easy control with the Sonos app,” according to Victrola’s press release. Initial setup is done through the company’s mobile app, and after that, listeners will be able to “send (and control the volume of) the music from a record to any Sonos speaker in their home.” The illuminated control knob on the turntable can also control volume for your Sonos system.

An image of Victrola’s Stream Carbon turntable with a black background.
That’s a sleek piece of kit.
Image: Victrola

The Stream Carbon turntable has official Works With Sonos certification. Victrola CEO Scott Hagen said his team has collaborated with Sonos on a “multi-year journey” that’s resulted in the new product being announced today.  “We are proud of how easy to set up and use the Victrola Stream Carbon is, but we are even more proud of the reaction we see when someone listens to records with friends or family through their Sonos system.”

As for the turntable hardware itself, it sounds like quite a step up from the all-in-one turntable/speaker combos that Victrola is mostly known for these days. The Stream Carbon is now the most expensive turntable that the company makes, and it’s described as such:

Carbon utilizes the highest quality materials that include a low-resonance veneer plinth with premium metal turntable components, and a carbon fiber tonearm with a custom-designed removable headshell. To further elevate the wireless vinyl listening experience, Victrola Stream Carbon will ship with a premium Ortofon Red 2M moving magnetic cartridge that will deliver optimized sound reproduction and a high level of sonic accuracy through listeners’ Sonos speaker systems.

The Stream Carbon goes up for preorder starting today from Victrola, Best Buy’s Magnolia brand, Crutchfield, and other retailers. It’s expected to ship in late October.