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DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket had some issues again

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket had some issues again


This is the third weekend in a row that NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers encountered issues with DirecTV

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket hasn’t had a very good start to the football season. For the past two weekends in a row, subscribers have struggled to get their streams to work, and this weekend is no exception.

Even before today’s games started, users began complaining about numerous issues, with many saying that they can’t log into their accounts on the Sunday Ticket website or app and others having problems loading the streams. Those who were able to access the stream reported quality issues.

In a response to one user’s issue on Twitter, DirecTV said “we know some customers can’t access NFL Sunday Ticket online or through the app” and that its “teams are working to resolve this.” Aside from DirecTV, users trying to stream football through CBS on Paramount Plus also reported problems.

“In week 3 we saw record high concurrent streams with zero systemwide viewing or ordering issues,” DirecTV spokesperson Jon Greer said in a statement to The Verge. “Our customers were able to enjoy the games throughout the day, and we’ve worked directly with the limited number of those who might have needed 1-1 attention based on their unique circumstances.”

In what will probably come as a relief to football fans, DirecTV’s rights to NFL Sunday Ticket expire at the end of this football season. This leaves room for another company to snap up the rights to Sunday Ticket, with Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Google reportedly looking to air Sunday Ticket on each of their respective streaming services.

So far, Amazon Prime Video’s showing of Thursday Night Football has shown some promise. The streamer’s first-ever live football game performed a heck of a ton better than DirecTV for the past few weeks, even with some minor blips here and there.

Update September 28th, 7:06PM ET: Updated to add a statement from a DirecTV spokesperson.