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Square launches support for Apple’s Tap to Pay technology

Square launches support for Apple’s Tap to Pay technology


Sellers can now use just their iPhones to complete transactions

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A person using the iPhone’s Tap to Pay feature with Square
Image: Square

Square now lets merchants use Apple’s Tap to Pay feature to process transactions. In a press release, the company announced that sellers with a compatible iPhone can use Square’s Point of Sale (POS) app to accept contactless payments.

Apple first rolled out Tap to Pay on the iPhone XS and newer in February. The feature transforms the iPhone into a contactless payment terminal, letting users tap their iPhone or an NFC-supported credit/debit card against the seller’s device to complete a transaction. It also supports Google and Samsung Pay for users on Android. Stripe was the first payment company to launch support for the feature, with Square rolling out a limited beta program in June. Square says sellers with an iPhone 11 or newer that runs iOS 15.5 or later can access the feature.

Now that Tap to Pay support is widely available with Square, sellers who want to process transactions won’t necessarily have to use the company’s card reader dongle, which attaches to a mobile device via the headphone jack or Lightning connector. That said, this likely doesn’t mean the dongle’s going away for good, as some sellers and buyers might not have a compatible phone to access the feature in the first place.