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LG’s bendable 42-inch OLED TV goes on sale next month for $3,000

LG’s bendable 42-inch OLED TV goes on sale next month for $3,000


Its 97-inch G2 is also now on sale for a slightly pricier $25,000

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A picture of LG’s OLED Flex TV while curved.
LG’s OLED Flex, fully curved.
Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

LG’s OLED Flex (LX3), a bizarre 42-inch TV that can transform between a curved and flat TV at the push of a button, now has an official price and release date. The South Korean tech giant says it’ll be available in October for $2,999. Alongside it, the company has also announced pricing for the massive 97-inch version of its G2 OLED TV, which costs $24,999 and is available now, as well as the LG OLED Posé (LX1) lifestyle TV, which costs $1,999 for the 55-inch model that’s available now or $1,699 for the 48-inch model coming in November.

Considering the exorbitant $100,000 price tag LG slapped on its rollable TV last year, $2,999 for a bendable TV almost sounds affordable. Granted, the LG OLED Flex is over double the price of this year’s $1,399 42-inch C2, which offers functionally identical picture quality without the Flex’s flexibility, but it’s a price that’s comparable to the kinds of premium TVs that people actually buy. Whether its bending gimmick is useful enough to justify this price premium is still up for debate.

The Posé takes its design cues from an art easel.
Image: LG

At the other end of the spectrum (both in terms of price and size) is the $24,999 97-inch LG G2 OLED. It’s still a 4K panel like the rest of the G2 lineup but now at a size that’s big enough to take over an entire wall in your home. As LG’s press release points out, its OLED TVs are now available in eight different sizes: 42-, 48-, 55-, 65-, 77-, 83-, 88-, and 97-inches. LG originally announced the supersize model way back at CES 2022, but until now, an official price and release date have been elusive.

Finally, there’s the $1,699 / $1,999 LG OLED Posé (LX1), which was first announced back in June and is intended to take on Samsung’s design-focused Serif TV lineup. It’s still a 4K OLED TV, albeit one that’s modeled after an art easel with a “cozy fabric finish” that’s available in a “soothing, muted beige color,” according to LG’s press release. An integrated cable management tray aims to keep cable clutter to a minimum, and you can even use the back of the TV as a magazine rack.