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Sony announced camouflaged PS5 accessories, but I can’t see them

Sony announced camouflaged PS5 accessories, but I can’t see them


Preorders begin September 15th

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Sony gray camouflage PS5 accessories
Image: Sony

Next up on Sony’s list of colorways to coat its PS5 accessories is gray camouflage. The company released a YouTube video allegedly showing off a DualSense, Pulse 3D headset, and console covers, all clad in camouflage. I say “allegedly” because I’m taking Sony’s word for it. I can’t see the accessories, so the camo must be working.

Preorders for these accessories will begin on Thursday, September 15th, and Sony details in its blog post that the DualSense and console covers will release on October 14th through its official online store in several regions. They’ll make their way to other retailers starting October 28th. The Pulse 3D headset will release in December. Hey, if you want to preorder these gadgets sight unseen, be our guest.

After launching in late 2020 with just white, Sony’s support for more color options is growing. With camo added to the bunch, it now offers seven colorways for its DualSense controller, three for its Pulse 3D audio headset, and six options for console cover plates.

Camouflage could be the perfect console cover option for people who wish the PS5 would be a little less of an eyesore — it keeps getting lighter but not smaller — in their entertainment system. Remember when the PS5 hardware was unveiled and people mocked the design, comparing it to PC towers, fans, and routers? Little did they know that, eventually, Sony would release a colorway to make it literally disappear. Incredible.