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Xbox Elite 2 controllers will be customizable in the Xbox Design Lab later this year

Xbox Elite 2 controllers will be customizable in the Xbox Design Lab later this year


Custom Xbox Elite 2 controllers are on the way

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An Xbox Elite 2 controller
An Xbox Elite 2 controller.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Microsoft is bringing its Xbox Elite 2 controllers to the company’s Xbox Design Lab later this year. Xbox owners will be able to order custom color variants of the Xbox Elite 2 in the same way they currently can for existing Xbox Series S / X controllers.

“Player choice has always been at the core of the elite series design philosophy. That is why we’re also excited to announce that we will be bringing Elite Wireless Series 2 Controllers to Xbox Design Lab later this holiday,” explains Daniel Ruiz, senior marketing manager for Xbox accessories. “We’ll have more details to share at a later date.”

The announcement that Xbox Elite 2 controllers are coming to Design Lab arrives just as Microsoft announces a more affordable Xbox Elite 2 Core controller. The Core model is priced at $129.99 but doesn’t ship with the usual interchangeable components. These have to be purchased separately.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed all the color options that will be available for the Xbox Elite 2 controllers in the Design Lab, but a teaser video (above) shows purple, pink, white, red, blue, orange, and green options. The Core model ships in a new white option, so it’s easy to imagine this becoming the standard Xbox Design Lab option (without the interchangeable components).

Microsoft last updated the Design Lab earlier this year with new pastel colors — soft pink, orange, green, and purple — as well as new Camo Top cases with matching side caps. Xbox Design Lab also offers metallic finishes and rubberized grips, and it allows players to customize just about every part of an Xbox controller. You can apply individual colors to parts and even add printed text to a faceplate for an additional fee.

Update, September 7th 10:45AM ET: Article updated with color information for the Xbox Design Lab Elite controllers.