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Yellowjackets season 2 teaser trailer promises plenty more mysteries

Yellowjackets season 2 teaser trailer promises plenty more mysteries


Buzz buzz.

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Showtime hasn’t been shy with teasing the return of Yellowjackets, but now, we finally have a good look at season 2 of the show thanks to a fresh teaser. It’s brief, clocking in at just over a minute, but there’s a lot to dig into: both old and young Misty (Christina Ricci and Samantha Hanratty) crying, Natalie (Juliette Lewis) talking about bringing “darkness” back, and a new character played by Elijah Wood questioning some complicated friendships that revolve around kidnapping and death. It doesn’t give much away about what to expect, though, so don’t worry too much about spoilers.

The first season of Yellowjackets wrapped up nearly a year ago and told the story of a high school soccer team that was stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. It was split into two periods: one following the team trying to survive on the island and the other about how their lives continued 25 years later. Oh and also, there are cults, cannibalism, and all kinds of other strange detours into the occult to make the mystery even deeper. It was buoyed by an incredible cast, including the likes of Melanie Lynskey, Ricci, and Lewis.

Season 2 kicks off on March 24th.