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New Pixel Fold leak lands in physical space

YouTuber Dave2D posted a video with a plastic mockup of the rumored Pixel foldable. The details are consistent with earlier leaks. Good news for foldables nerds!

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“I know it’s just a hunk of plastic, but there’s just so much you can tell from it.” - Dave2D

The Pixel Fold isn’t official yet, but it might as well be. Last month we got renders. Now the dude Dave2D got an alleged dummy model of the Pixel foldable and extrapolated a bunch of features out of the mostly featureless plastic.

Some highlights:

  • Based on the hinge, the interior screen should have have a gentler center crease than the Samsung Z Fold 4.
  • The 7.67-inch interior screen has surprisingly thick bezels — around 5mm, in Dave’s estimation — possibly to cut costs and avoid having a camera cutout.
  • The 5.79-inch outer screen is a little shorter and wider than the Z Fold 4, and does seem to have a selfie cam cutout.
  • There are speaker grills top and bottom.
Closeup of a hand holding a Pixel Fold mockup, with a screen superimposed. It reads 5.79” and 1080 x 2100
The Pixel Fold’s (alleged!) 5.79-inch outer screen is shorter but wider than the one on the Samsung Z Fold 4.
Interior of the Pixel Fold dummy unit with a 7.67” screen overlaid.
The dummy phone’s interior bezels are ... dummy thicc. (This isn’t a real screen; it’s an image overlaid onto the plastic model)

The grey plastic model largely matches the leaked renders we saw in December, down to the giant camera island, hinge design, and thick bezels, so if it’s a fake, at least we’re getting consistent fakes.

Dave didn’t reveal his source, but dimensionally accurate blanks like these are usually sent to case manufacturers in advance of the device launch so they can have accessories ready to go. That timing tracks with the December leak, which suggested an official reveal at Google I/O in May, though later leaks have suggested a fall launch.