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Now DoorDash will deliver Starbucks across the US, too

Now DoorDash will deliver Starbucks across the US, too


You’ll be able to order Starbucks through the DoorDash app at more locations starting in March.

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An image showing a DoorDash delivery bag with Starbucks drinks on a doorstep.
Image: DoorDash

DoorDash will soon start delivering Starbucks food and drinks in all 50 US states, the company announced in a blog post. The service will initially roll out to Northern California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida before expanding into the rest of the US in March.

Through the partnership, users can place orders with the DoorDash app instead of the Starbucks app. Starbucks says it’ll make about 95 percent of “its core menu” available through the service and will let customers customize their orders as if they were using Starbucks’ own app.

While DoorDash first started delivering Starbucks products last year, the program was only limited to select cities, including Atlanta, Houston, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland, and New York City.

Meanwhile, the coffee maker began partnering with Uber Eats in 2018 but has been exploring the idea of delivering its food and beverages to people’s doorsteps for years. It only makes sense to expand its products to DoorDash, although that means DoorDash drivers will inevitably have to deal with more drink deliveries (which really doesn’t sound all that fun).

Starbucks says it’ll use “stickers” on drinks to help avoid spills on the ride to your house, along with “delivery-specific cupholders” (although I’m not sure how well that’ll hold up with hard braking and tight turns). DoorDash also makes sure to highlight the fees you may incur when ordering your favorite Starbucks drinks through the app (as other companies like GrubHub deal with complaints about “hidden” costs). DoorDash says you can get free delivery and the “lowest” service fees on orders of $12 or more with a DashPash subscription; otherwise, you may have to pay for both.

The news of the expanded partnership doesn’t come at the best time for either company. While DoorDash laid off 1,250 workers last November, Starbucks employees are unionizing at locations across the US as the company faces complaints about labor violations.