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Notion’s CEO on embracing AI

Notion’s CEO on embracing AI


Plus: Twitter’s mounting legal woes, Apple headset rumblings, and Nest’s co-founder gets into climate tech.

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On Sunday I’m headed to Marco Island, Florida for IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, where Matthew Ball and I will have a frank discussion about the state of the metaverse. If you’ll be there, please say hi!

I also wanted to once more plug “Extremely Hardcore,” a story about the first 90 days of Elon Musk’s chaotic Twitter takeover that I reported with Zoë Schiffer and Casey Newton. It’s in print on the latest cover of New York Magazine and also available on The Verge’s website, where we built a meter that tracks Musk’s declining net worth as you scroll. “I read it this morning on the subway to the first day at my new job,” a former Twitter employee who was laid off by Musk texted me. “It felt cathartic and like turning the page on a strange chapter.”

Speaking of ex-Twitter employees, 800 of them have now filed arbitration demands against Musk for laying them off without the payouts they were promised in his merger agreement, per an email update from the lawyer wrangling the cases that was passed my way. Twitter is potentially on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in legal fees, since it has to pay for arbitration disputes. Meanwhile, the company’s revenue is down 40 percent year over year, Twitter Blue is a dud, and Musk is auctioning off the office furniture.

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