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LG’s funky, square-ish DualUp monitor is over $100 off

LG’s funky, square-ish DualUp monitor is over $100 off


There are also great deals on the Logitech MX Keys, Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, a Philips Hue Play light bar setup, and more.

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Two LG DualUp monitors mounted on a desk on arms, side by side.
You could save $206 if you’re up for a dual DualUp setup and get two of them.
Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

Feeling up for a deal on a strange gadget? The LG DualUp monitor is currently on sale for $596.99 at Amazon and B&H Photo or $599.99 at Best Buy. That’s a little over $100 off this 27.6-inch monitor that’s particularly good at helping you get work done. It has an almost square vertical aspect ratio of 16:18 and QHD resolution of 2560 x 2880, letting you view and stack multiple windows with ease. It also supports USB-C video with 90W of charging support to keep your laptop battery full while plugged in.

Computer monitors have been getting more interesting recently, especially in the gaming space with OLEDs. But I’d argue there isn’t a monitor more unique and interesting in the productivity or creative space than the DualUp. It comes with its own adjustable desk-mounted monitor arm, and rocking two DualUps seems like a recipe for one slick desk setup. Though, keep in mind that the panel in the DualUp tops out at a 60Hz refresh rate — nothing special — and scaling up the interface in macOS to make things more readable may make things appear soft instead of sharp. Read our review.

LG DualUp picture by picture mode showing The Verge and Sonic the Hedgehog

LG DualUp monitor

$70015% off

LG’s DualUp is a unique 27.6-inch monitor with a 16:18 aspect ratio and IPS panel. It supports QHD resolution of 2560 x 2880 and tops out at 60Hz. It is designed to be clamped onto a desktop with its included ergonomic stand.

I love me some mechanical keyboards, but I’ll never talk trash about anyone who wants to live a simpler life with a quality membrane board, like the excellent Logitech MX Keys, which is on sale for $90.99 ($29 off) at Best Buy. This full-size wireless keyboard is whisper-quiet and offers a nice low-profile typing feel with scissor switches that are similar to a Mac laptop, but it works just as great with Windows machines. The simple and clean black design plays nicely with each key’s bright white backlight, and its built-in battery can last 10 days (or months without the backlight) before needing a charge via its USB-C port.


Logitech’s MX Keys is a suitable replacement for Apple’s discontinued line of space gray accessories. The full-size wireless keyboard features backlit keys and a number pad, and it can connect to three devices via Bluetooth.

You can get a pair of Philips Hue Play light bars with a Bridge for $120.99 ($99 off the combined price) at Woot. These smart home accent lights are often used as bias lights behind TVs and computer monitors, but they can also be used as spill lights in various spots around the home. Since this bundle comes with a Hue Bridge, you can control the Play lights over Wi-Fi within the Hue app, which allows much more customization options when it comes to smart home automation or setting schedules. You can always add a Hue Play HDMI Sync Box later if you want the light bars to match exactly what’s on your TV, though it’s a very pricey $249.99 on its own. Another option for Samsung TV owners is the recently launched app, which handles all the color syncing on its own for $129.99.


The Philips Hue Play light bar is a smart light that’s adjustable to a variety of white tones and vibrant colors. They can be used as accent lights around the home or mounted to the rear of a TV or monitor as a bias light. The accompanying Hue Bridge allows users much more control and smart home scheduling through the Hue app.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11, our top pick of instant film cameras, is on sale for $69.99 ($10 off) at Best Buy, Target, and B&H Photo in a variety of cute colors. If the ubiquity of smartphone cameras has made photography a little boring for you, getting into instant film can be a thrill. This camera is a mostly automated operation, and it prints fully developed credit card-size pictures in just a few minutes. Sure, they’re not going to compare to the quality of most modern smartphone cameras, but there’s something fun about having a tangible photo. I know from experience that bringing one of these to a social gathering quickly makes you (or, at least, the camera) the life of the party. Just don’t let anyone get overly snap-happy, as each 10-shot pack of Instax Mini film usually costs around $10 a clip.

A hand holding Fujifilm’s white Instax Mini 11 instant camera in front of a bush outside.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 is the best instant camera for most people. While it lacks more advanced features, the simple instant camera takes good-quality shots quickly and easily and offers a built-in selfie mode.

A mini hump day deal dump:

  • If you’re incredibly lucky, you might find the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 in blue on clearance sale at your local Best Buy for $193.99 ($235 off). You’re going to have to roll the dice and see if there are any available in your local area, as most have sold out at this low price. The Series 7 may be one generation behind the newer Series 8, but it’s still a great Apple Watch to own in 2023 unless you really value crash detection or the temperature sensor for better menstrual cycle tracking. Read our review.
  • Want some absolutely massive storage on the latest, biggest iPad? The 1TB 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M2 chip is on sale for $1,599 ($200 off) at Best Buy. That’s a lot of moola for an iPad, but if you’re looking to make it your laptop replacement, then all that storage and its impeccable Mini LED screen definitely help justify the cost. Read our review.
  • This HyperDrive USB-C hub for the iPad Pro has a 3.5mm headphone jack, passthrough charging, USB-A, and HDMI, and it’s selling for just $27.99 ($32 off) on clearance at Best Buy. It would make a great addition for anyone buying that beefy iPad above.
  • Anker’s 65W 715 Charger is about as small and travel-friendly as you can get on a GaN charger that’s powerful enough to charge a 13-inch MacBook or similar laptop, and it’s on sale for $34.99 ($15 off) at Amazon.