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OnePlus’ first tablet might share its upcoming smartphone’s ‘black hole’ camera bump

OnePlus’ first tablet might share its upcoming smartphone’s ‘black hole’ camera bump


Leaked renders of the OnePlus Pad show off its interesting-looking camera bump ahead of its launch on February 7th.

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The OnePlus Pad from the front and back.
Unofficial renders suggest the tablet will have an interesting camera bump.
Image: OnLeaks / MySmartPrice

Unofficial renders from leaker OnLeaks and MySmartPrice have given us our best idea yet of what OnePlus’ debut tablet might look like when it’s announced alongside the OnePlus 11 next month. The Oppo subbrand has quietly confirmed that it’ll be launching the tablet at its February 7th event by listing the “OnePlus Pad” on the event’s landing page on its Indian website.

However, given the same name isn’t present on the company’s US or UK landing pages, the tablet might be exclusive to India for the time being, much like the company’s lineup of TVs.

Leaked renders of the OnePlus Pad suggest it’s going to have a similar black hole-inspired camera bump to the OnePlus 11. Interestingly, it seems to be positioned in the middle of the long edge of the rear of the tablet, rather than in a top corner like Apple’s and Samsung’s tablets. It’s the same story on the front of the tablet, where MySmartPrice reports its front-facing camera is on the long edge of the 11.6-inch display. Here, the position makes more sense given a lot of people use this front-facing camera while working on tablets in landscape.

The unofficial renders show a similar camera bump to what’s visible in a teaser image on the OnePlus website, suggesting that the depiction of this camera bump is accurate.

The OnePlus Pad in shadow.
A teaser image of the tablet from the OnePlus website.
Image: OnePlus

While it has an interesting design, OnePlus doesn’t have a great track record with its entries into new product categories. The OnePlus Watch, its much-anticipated entry into the world of smartwatches, was called “the worst smartwatch I’ve ever used” by my colleague Victoria Song when she reviewed it for Gizmodo in 2021. While a tablet is theoretically pretty similar to the Android devices released under the OnePlus brand in the past, it still has a lot to prove. 

OnePlus’ Indian website now lists five devices as launching on February 7th. There’s the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Buds Pro 2, both of which are expected to also be available in the UK and US, alongside the apparently India-exclusive OnePlus 11R, OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro, and the OnePlus Pad. Combined with teases about OnePlus’ upcoming collaboration with keyboard manufacturer Keychron, February could be a packed month for the Oppo subbrand.