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HBO’s The Last of Us is getting a second season

HBO’s The Last of Us is getting a second season


The adaptation of the popular video game series has already proven to be a huge hit, and now we can look forward to a second season.

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A man in a jacket and jeans standing in front of a girl wearing a hoodie and jeans to shield her from something about to attack them.
There’s more The Last of Us on the way.
Image: HBO

The Last of Us will be getting a second season, HBO announced on Friday.

There are no details about when we can expect season 2 or how many episodes it might be — HBO only accompanied the announcement with a brief video trailer — but now we know that there’s more of the show to come.

So far, people have really, really liked The Last of Us; it brought 22 percent more viewers from the series premiere to episode two, which debuted last Sunday. There will be nine episodes in the first season, so there’s still quite a lot of show to go.

Since we’re still early in season one, it’s unclear where exactly season 2 might pick up; we don’t yet know if the show will end at the same spot the first game does. But I have to imagine season 2 will adapt many elements of The Last of Us Part II. (If you’re experiencing The Last of Us for the first time through the show, I strongly advise against researching anything about the second game. If you can, I’d recommend just playing it.)

The third episode of The Last of Us’ first season premieres on Sunday. You can read our review of the show here.