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The Dead Space remake works on Steam Deck now

The Dead Space remake works on Steam Deck now


It’s still not technically verified, but a Proton hotfix solves its severe stuttering issue.

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Isaac Clarke and Zach Hammond staring at a screen in Dead Space
Image: EA

The Dead Space remake now runs on Steam Deck, thanks to an update to Valve’s Proton software. As Polygon reports, the hotfix solves problems that made the game effectively unplayable at launch for me when it frequently crashed, stuttered, and froze. The game still isn’t listed as verified on Steam. But my testing and Polygon’s suggest it’s a viable option if you’d like some emotionally destabilizing survival horror on the train to work.

Polygon has a more thorough accounting of the Dead Space Steam Deck experience, including finding the zero-gravity sections actually better on the Deck. I booted the game up and ran a couple of shorter errands on the Ishimura, and after a restart of my Steam Deck to let the update take effect, I had a good experience barring a couple moments of fairly benign lag.

My biggest issue was simply getting used to the size difference after playing on a PC monitor. It’s a little harder to maintain situational awareness on the Steam Deck’s screen, and reading the game’s complicated map requires a bit of squinting. On the other hand, it makes the snarling, murderous necromorphs oddly adorable. They’re so little! And they want to eat my face.