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Capcom teams up with Crunchyroll to launch a new Street Fighter mobile game

Capcom teams up with Crunchyroll to launch a new Street Fighter mobile game


The new title launches in February on iOS and Android, though it incorporates RPG elements, so it doesn’t seem exactly like a traditional Street Fighter.

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Promotional art for Street Fighter: Duel.
Promotional art for Street Fighter: Duel.
Image: Crunchyroll

Capcom and Crunchyroll are launching a new Street Fighter mobile game very soon, though it doesn’t sound like your typical Street Fighter title.

Titled Street Fighter: Duel, Crunchyroll describes it as “the first ever RPG in the series,” and based on a summary on Crunchyroll’s website, it will feature 2D brawling, too:

Are you ready to duel it out in the world of Street Fighter? Be prepared to travel the globe to recruit and level up iconic characters from across the Street Fighter series. With a team of champions, players will throw down in beautifully animated 2D brawls on all-new and iconic stages from Street Fighter’s past to take down Seth and the Shadaloo’s army of mech clones in an extensive story mode.

Street Fighter: Duel is a new take on the famed franchise with features and gameplay mechanics for new, returning and long-time fans:

You’ll be able to “collect” more than 40 characters (I’m guessing with some sort of mobile game gacha mechanic), build up a team to take on levels, and play in “real-time RPG combat” or use auto-battle. I wish I could be more specific, but I haven’t played Street Fighter: Duel myself, and the official trailer doesn’t show gameplay. I did find this video from the Chinese version of the game that was uploaded more than two years ago, but the video’s title notes that it’s beta gameplay, so I’m not sure if or how the game may have changed since then.

Street Fighter: Duel will be launching in February in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and select European countries including the UK, according to a press release. Crunchyroll advertises that you can preregister now on iOS and Android, but I haven’t been able to get the links on Crunchyroll’s website to work.

Street Fighter: Duel is just one of many games that Crunchyroll’s game division is involved in. The new mobile title is also launching just months ahead of the series’ next mainline game, Street Fighter 6, which is set to release on June 2nd.