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Twitter ends CoTweets, its collaborative posting feature

Twitter ends CoTweets, its collaborative posting feature


Users are no longer able to create new CoTweets, and existing posts will only be viewable for another month.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is shutting down CoTweets, its collaborative posting feature that was one of the last big product updates introduced before Elon Musk’s takeover. A notice was posted on Twitter’s help center announcing the end of the feature.

CoTweets allowed two accounts to co-author posts that appeared simultaneously on users’ profiles. As of last July, select users in the US, Korea, and Canada were able to use CoTweets after the company began testing the idea last spring. While CoTweets were still limited in rollout, many people anticipated they’d be helpful for brands doing collaborations or announcements.

As of today, users with the feature won’t be able to post new CoTweets. Existing posts will be visible for another month before they revert to retweets. Twitter’s announcement says the company is “still looking for ways to implement this feature moving forward” but didn’t offer specifics.

Other platforms like Instagram have similar features that allow multiple accounts to post together. The Instagram feature is popular with brands working with influencers or partners, organizations collaborating on initiatives, or organizers announcing events that are co-hosted with others.

Since his takeover of Twitter last fall, Musk has wasted no time changing the company according to his whims, including a hasty rollout of Twitter Blue, its subscription service. Earlier this month, popular third-party apps were effectively shut down when Twitter changed its developer rules without warning, killing off popular apps that have become central to many people’s experience on the platform.