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Custom build turns the Framework Laptop into a triple-screen powerhouse

Custom build turns the Framework Laptop into a triple-screen powerhouse


The Framework Laptop’s modular design is turning into one of the most robust platforms for tinkerers.

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A 3 screen DIY laptop, folded open with a nice handle on a pair of brass legs.
Open for business.
Image: DIY Perks

The Framework Laptop has been a godsend for DIYers. Not only does the modular design allow for quick and easy repair, but the swappable mainboard is a robust platform for all sorts of bizarre builds. Tons of tinkerers have used the modular mainboard design to create their own cyberdeck designs. You don’t even need to buy the whole laptop to do it!

DIY Perks has taken that to the next level with this triple-screen laptop build. Unsatisfied with the lack of screen real estate and poor ergonomics in most laptops, they used their skills to cobble together a portable cyberdeck workstation.

An image of the inner workings of the build of the laptop.
The Framework mainboard, some elbow grease, 3D Printing, and a tiny bit of soldering.
Photo: DIY Perks

The bill of materials for this is actually pretty straightforward. The build uses three screens (one 4K 120Hz panel and two iPad Retina displays) and a few Adafruit adapters powered by modified DisplayPort cables that were cut open and had wires soldered directly to them. They then 3D printed the case in parts (the bed on their Prusa was not large enough to accommodate the case), slapped and super glued it all together, and created an elaborate stand system.

An image of the creator of the DIY Framework build sitting in front of it, typing with nice posture.
Imagine a portable computer but with proper ergonomics.
Photo: DIY Perks

The result is not so much a laptop as a portable computer meant to fold out onto a desk and be used with a keyboard and mouse at the correct ergonomic height. And to top it all off, the whole project is open source, so you can make and modify it yourself. I love weird designs like this.

The DIY Perks custom laptop folded up with a nice handle into a compact and portable form factor.
And hey, it looks stylish closed, too!
Photo: DIY Perks