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Microsoft is pulling many beloved games off the Xbox 360 store next week

Microsoft is pulling many beloved games off the Xbox 360 store next week


The games will be going away on February 7th. But it’s not all bad news; any of the disappearing games available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series / X stores will be purchasable there.

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A screenshot from Half-Life 2 with Alyx and Dog
A screenshot from Half-Life 2, which is included in The Orange Box.
Image: Valve

Microsoft will be removing a bunch of beloved games from the Xbox 360 Marketplace on February 7th, according to a support page on the Xbox website (via Wario64), meaning you won’t be able to buy them after that date.

It’s not all bad news. If you’ve already bought a game that’s getting pulled, you can still download it after February 7th. Games being removed that are available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S stores will remain purchasable on those platforms.

But that does mean digital games only available on the Xbox 360 Marketplace will be unavailable for purchase in just a week. Users on Resetera have figured out which games fall into that category and will be going away for good, and the list includes some well-known titles like Jet Set Radio, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, Spelunky, and The Orange Box.

The games leaving the Xbox 360 Marketplace varies based on your region, and you can see which titles are being pulled by checking Microsoft’s site. Here’s the full list for the US.

When asked about the removals, Microsoft shared these statements from Xbox global product marketing manager Bree Adams with The Verge:

Beginning on February 7, 2023, a limited set of games, add-ons, and in-game content will no longer be purchasable in select markets via the Xbox 360 Store. These titles will no longer be purchasable on the Xbox 360 Store only, and titles that are available to be purchased on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Stores will remain purchasable. You will still be able to play discs or previously downloaded games on your Xbox 360 and modern consoles if they are backwards compatible titles. For more information on the games impacted in your region, visit here.

Impacted Xbox 360 titles purchased before February 7, 2023 will be available to redownload via your previously purchased content through the Xbox 360 Download History here.

Unfortunately, losing the ability to purchase older digital video games is becoming something of a regular occurrence. Nintendo will be closing the eShop on Wii U and 3DS in less than two months. Microsoft has previously delisted several Forza titles. And in late 2021, Sony made it much harder to shop on the PS3 and Vita stores.

While it’s disappointing that you don’t have much time to make a choice about buying these disappearing Xbox 360 titles, at least we know when they’ll be going away. So if you’ve been wavering on finally picking up The Orange Box on Xbox, make sure you get it before February 7th.