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Lenovo’s new Android tablet looks like a really big iPad Pro

Lenovo’s new Android tablet looks like a really big iPad Pro


The Lenovo Tab Extreme costs $1,199 and comes with a dual-hinge magnetic keyboard stand and a Precision Pen 3.

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An image showing the Lenovo Tab Extreme on a stand
The Lenovo Tab Extreme comes with a dual-hinge keyboard that works just like the Magic Keyboard Folio for the iPad.
Image: Lenovo

The 14.5-inch Lenovo Tab Extreme seems like Lenovo’s answer to the iPad Pro, right down to the sleek gray chassis, Magic Keyboard-like keyboard stand, and stylus. It’s just a little bigger.

The $1,199 Tab Extreme has a 14.5-inch 120Hz 3K OLED display and runs Android 13. It comes with a dual-hinge keyboard that serves as a stand, letting you lift the device up and off your desk while you type, as well as a separate magnetic dual-mode stand that lets you position the tablet horizontally or vertically. It also comes with the Lenovo Precision Pen 3.


Image: Lenovo

For comparison, the 12.9-inch M2-equipped iPad Pro starts at $1,099 without the Magic Keyboard Folio or Apple Pencil, which cost $349 and $129, respectively. That all adds up to $1,677, and that’s without the extra screen real estate provided by the Tab Extreme. Meanwhile, Samsung’s $1,199 Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra offers a similar 14.6-inch display, but it doesn’t include the $349.99 Book Cover Keyboard.

Other neat features include a fingerprint sensor on the power key, a microSD slot in case you need more storage, and a feature that keeps you in the frame when you’re on camera, just like Center Stage. According to Lenovo, it can function as a drawing tablet or second screen for a Windows PC, either via USB-C connection or with the Lenovo Freestyle app. Yes, this is basically Apple’s Sidecar.

The Lenovo Tab Extreme has an eight-core MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It has 13MP cameras on the front and back of the device, and Lenovo estimates up to 12 hours of battery life. According to Lenovo, the device ships with Android 13 and will receive three future OS updates as well as four years of security patches. It’s expected to go on sale later this year.