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TP-Link expands its smart home line with a video door lock, new robovacs, and more

TP-Link expands its smart home line with a video door lock, new robovacs, and more


TP-Link’s new video door lock functions as both a doorbell and a smart lock. But that’s far from the only new smart home product the company announced at CES.

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An image showing TP-Link’s smart video doorbell
The Tapo Smart Video Door Lock.
Image: TP-Link

TP-Link is expanding its smart home lineup with an array of new products, including a new video door lock, a dual video doorbell, two robot vacuums, and a whole range of Matter-compatible products.

For starters, the Tapo Smart Video Door Lock features a clever design that combines all the features of a lock, doorbell, and camera. You can unlock the door with a few different methods, including facial recognition or using the built-in fingerprint sensor. TP-Link allows you to unlock or lock the door remotely with the Tapo app as well, which you can use to generate temporary user codes, view lock activity, and receive lock notifications.

Since the device also functions as a video doorbell, it rings when pressed and automatically records visitors in full color using its 2K QHD wide-angle camera. It also lets you communicate with visitors through the built-in microphone and speaker and sounds like a handy device for anyone looking for an all-in-one security solution.

The Tapo D660 dual camera doorbell.
The Tapo D660 dual camera doorbell.
Image: TP-Link

There are currently only a few other video door locks out there, including the $349 video door lock from Eufy and the $399 one from Lockly. We don’t know how much the Tapo Smart Video Door Lock will cost yet, but TP-Link promises “competitive” pricing for its smart home products throughout 2023.

Additionally, TP-Link’s releasing a standalone video doorbell, which comes with both forward-facing and down-facing cameras that allow for a 180-degree field of view. The doorbell offers up to 270 days of battery life when used wirelessly, a package detection feature that notifies you when a parcel’s getting delivered or picked up, as well as an anti-theft alarm that sounds if someone tries removing the device from the wall. Other security devices from TP-Link include the Tapo C325WB outdoor security camera with ultra-low light color vision and the 2K QHD Tapo C425 outdoor security camera, although TP-Link hasn’t yet revealed the prices for these products.

<em>The Tapo RV30C Slim robovac.</em>


The Tapo RV30C Slim robovac.
Image: TP-Link

TP-Link’s looking to broaden its lineup for smart products used inside the home as well. That includes the new Tapo RV30C Slim robovac that’s about three inches thick, making it suitable for tight spaces, like under your couch or bed. The device can both mop and vacuum your floor using LiDAR technology to map its surroundings.

There’s also the higher-end Tapo RV70 Omni, another lidar-powered robovac that doubles as a mopping machine. It uses “triple AI technology” to automatically detect dirt, plan paths around your home, and avoid any obstacles. The company’s expanding its existing RV10 robovac lineup to include the budget-friendly Tapo RV10 Lite as well, which will cost $229.99 without the auto-emptying dock. TP-Link says the RV10 Lite will become available in the first quarter of this year, but there’s no word on a release date or price for the RV70 Omni or RV30C Slim.

<em>The Tapo H900 Homebase with an iPad.</em>


The Tapo H900 Homebase with an iPad.
Image: TP-Link

Lastly, TP-Link showed off 15 new Matter products, a lineup that includes an array of smart outlet extenders, smart bulbs, smart plugs, and a sensor. The first of these devices, the Tapo P125M Mini Smart Plug, lets you use two plugs in one outlet and goes on sale in January for $19.99. Meanwhile, the Tapo S505D Smart Dimmer Switch lets you adjust your home’s lighting and will become available this March for $27.99.

TP-Link took the wraps off its new Homebase Tapo H900 as well, a smart home hub that’s compatible with Matter, Thread, and other smart home systems. As shown in the above photo, you can mount your tablet on the hub to manage any Tapo-branded smart home devices. It sounds sort of like Google’s upcoming charging speaker dock for the Pixel Tablet and can also function as an electronic photo frame, alarm clock, calendar, and more.