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BMW recalls over 14,000 iX, i4, and i7 electric vehicles for faulty battery software

BMW recalls over 14,000 iX, i4, and i7 electric vehicles for faulty battery software


The EVs are at risk of power loss because of a malfunctioning electronic control unit. Fortunately, a software update should fix the problem.

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BMW i4 sedan
Photo by Roberto Baldwin for The Verge

BMW issued a recall notice for over 14,000 electric vehicles for a software malfunction that could lead to a loss of power and an increased risk of a crash.

The automaker said that the recall covers certain iX SUVs and i4 and i7 sedans produced between October 14th, 2021, and October 28th, 2022. The software issue relates to the high voltage battery electronic control unit. According to BMW:

The high voltage battery electronic control unit software may, during certain vehicle operating conditions, cause an interruption of electrical power. Specifically, a misdiagnosis can sporadically occur within the battery management electronics, which could cause the electronic control unit to reset. If a reset occurs, this could cause an interruption of electrical power.

BMW discovered the problem through its own internal quality control process and is not reporting any incidents, crashes, or injuries as a result of the recall.

BMW owners can continue to drive their vehicles while waiting for a software update to fix the problem, the automaker says. The update will be provided by dealerships free of charge, and letters to affected owners’ vehicles will go out next month recommending they bring their vehicles in for a fix.

This is the second in less than a year that BMW’s new lineup of EVs has been hit with a recall. Last summer, the automaker recalled a “small number” of 2022 i4 sedans and iX SUVs due to the risk of battery fires.

As EV sales increase, so too have recall notices. Ford issued a recall last summer for 49,000 Mustang Mach-E SUVs over concerns that a safety defect may render the vehicle immobile. The Toyota bZ4X was recalled when it was discovered that loose hub bolts could cause the wheels to become detached while driving. Tesla has recalled tens of thousands of vehicles, most recently over faulty rear lights. Other EVs have also been recalled over various software bugs and other minor issues.