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The OnePlus Open foldable could be arriving in the US as soon as next week

The OnePlus Open foldable could be arriving in the US as soon as next week


WinFuture says the OnePlus Open will cost around $1,700 when it drops on October 19th.

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A side-by-side shot of the Open partially folded from the front and the back.
The OnePlus Open, a rebadged Oppo folding phone.
Image: WinFuture

German tech site WinFuture shared leaked marketing shots of the the OnePlus Open today and claims it will arrive in the US on October 19th for around $1,700.

The pictures show OnePlus’ rebadged Oppo Find N3 is more Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 than Pixel Fold — it’s taller than it is wide when you pop it open — and it has OnePlus’ characteristically circular three-camera array. The images show it in two colors: green and black.

Here, have a gallery of the images WinFuture shared today:


That the OnePlus Open will come on October 19th lines up with previous rumors about its release timeline. OnePlus just shared a shadowy close-up of the phone in a post yesterday, too.

WinFuture says the phone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Rumor also has it the phone will come with 16GB of RAM, a 7.8-inch display and a 6.31-inch outer screen, both 120Hz OLEDs. It may also get two 48MP cameras (one an ultrawide) and a 64MP telephoto, then a 32MP selfie camera on the outside display and a 20MP camera inside. It could be rounded out with a 67-watt fast-charging 4,800mAh battery.

If the Open really does show up on the 19th, we’ll have bookish foldables from three different manufacturers in the US: Samsung, Google, and now OnePlus. Microsoft might also return to the game with something that actually has a contiguous, folding screen. Apart from some vague rumors about a folding iPad, Apple doesn’t seem interested in getting bent. Yet.