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Godzilla’s got some new friends in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ latest trailer

Godzilla’s got some new friends in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ latest trailer


The newest trailer for Apple TV Plus’ Godzilla series teases a world that’s becoming overrun with radioactive creepy crawlies — some of which lay eggs.

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Aside from one depiction of Godzilla, the very first trailer for Apple TV Plus’ upcoming Monarch: Legacy of Monsters MonsterVerse series was surprisingly light on kaiju appearances. But Apple’s latest ad for the show puts more than a few of its titular monsters front and center, and — delightfully — each one looks either sick and / or terrifying as hell.

Aside from old man Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell), no one seems to fully understand what kind of organization Monarch is and why they’re so interested in massive unidentified terrestrial organisms (MUTOs) in the new trailer. But many people, like Cate (Anna Sawai), know that Monarch was there during Godzilla’s attack on San Francisco and that it’s hiding secrets from the public that would change the world if they were ever to get out.

As Shaw lays out his plan to expose the truth to the world, the trailer cuts to shots of a seemingly decommissioned nuclear power plant being demolished and a group of human researchers stumbling upon a clutch of massive, glowing eggs. Beach ball-sized eggs are always a red flag, but even more alarming here are the massive spiders and ice-breathing goliaths that pop up toward the end. The whole spot really sells Monarch as fleshing out the MonsterVerse’s Earth as a place filled with titanic monsters humanity should be living in fear of, which is exactly the kind of vibe this show needs.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters hits Apple TV Plus on November 17th.