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Netflix’s Squid Game reality show has an official release date

Netflix’s Squid Game reality show has an official release date


Get ready to watch the show over some turkey and mashed potatoes.

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An image from Squid Game: The Challenge.
Image: Netflix

Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix’s reality show based on Squid Game that will pit 456 people against each other for $4.56 million, will debut on November 22nd, the company announced on Friday. For people based in the US, I’m guessing that means a lot of families will be watching this show over Thanksgiving vacations.

Netflix announced the series in June 2022, surprising no one after the humongous success of Squid Game following its 2021 debut. However, the lead-up to release has been a little bit bumpy, as the company had to defend itself following reports of some medical issues on set.

The Challenge isn’t the only opportunity for people to try Squid Game-like events. Netflix just opened up ticket sales for Squid Game: The Trials, an “immersive experience” in Los Angeles, and you can try Squid Game Virtuals, a Squid Game VR experience, at Sandbox VR locations. Netflix is also planning to launch retail destinations in 2025, and I’d guess the company will attempt some kind of real-world Squid Game tie-ins at those stores.

Netflix is also working on a second season of the main Squid Game series. The company hasn’t shared a release date for it yet, but it has revealed a few new cast members.