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Read Sundar Pichai’s full email conversation about the Apple-Google deal.

After a slight delay, the Department of Justice has posted an exhibit from earlier this week in US v. Google, shedding light on the details of Apple and Google’s multibillion-dollar search deal.

The 2007 email thread features Sundar Pichai expressing his discomfort with making Google the sole search provider on Safari, while also revealing another potential option he disliked: fully different editions of Apple’s browser, one with Google and one with Yahoo as the chosen search engine.

Not sure whether you will be speaking with Phil today, but there is one more thing we should talk to them about. I know we are insisting on the default but at the same time I think we should encourage them to have Yahoo as a choice in the pull down or some other easy option. I don’t think it is a good user experience nor the optics is great for us to be the only provider in the browser. Sergey, do you agree with this?