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Roborock’s S-series hybrid robot vacuums are up to $290 off

Roborock’s S-series hybrid robot vacuums are up to $290 off


The last-gen Roborock S7 is on sale for $360, while the newer S8 is up to $200 off. Plus, more deals on the Google Nest Wifi Pro and Logitech G435 Lightspeed gaming headset.

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A robot vacuum on a hardwood floor.
The Roborock S7 may be a last-gen model, but it’s still a great hybrid robovac that’s now more affordable.
Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Even with last week’s Amazon Prime Day behind us, it remains a pretty good time to buy a robot vacuum — especially if you’d like one that can mop your floors. The last-gen Roborock S7 hybrid robovac is currently selling for $359.99 ($290 off) at Amazon and direct from Roborock. This matches last week’s Prime Day price and the bot’s all-time low. The S7 may have been outdated by the newer S8 model, but it’s still a formidable vacuum that maps your home using lidar and automatically switches between vacuuming and mopping.

However, if you want the latest and greatest, the Roborock S8 is also on sale for $599.99 ($150 off) at Roborock and Best Buy (when added to your cart). The newer S8 gets an upgrade in the brush department and now has obstacle avoidance so you don’t have to worry as much if you forgot a strewn-about charging cable or kids toys on the floor. Though, if you’re perturbed by the S8’s smaller dust bin (meaning you have to empty it more frequently than the older S7), you can pony up for the S8 Plus and get it and its auto-emptying station for $799.99 ($200 off) at Amazon.

It’s a lot to consider, sure, but that’s why we have a helpful buying guide all about robot vacuums you can peruse.

A robot vacuum on a hardwood floor.

Roborock S7

$65045% off

The Roborock S7 is a former top-of-the-line robot vacuum that can be got for a budget price. It has excellent mopping capabilities thanks to its oscillating mop that it can lift to go over (thin) carpet, plus lidar navigation, mapping, and keep-out zones.

Roborock S8

$75020% off

The S8 mops and vacuums very well, and the addition of AI-obstacle avoidance and dual rubber roller brushes make it a good upgrade from the S7. Its mop-lifting trick means it can vacuum and mop your whole house in one go, and it works with an auto-empty charging base, though you have to fill its water tank manually.

Roborock S8 Plus

$100020% off

Roborock’s hybrid S8 robot vacuum and mop, complete with its redesigned auto-emptying station that ensures you don’t have to empty the bot yourself after every round of cleaning.

Google’s Nest Wifi Pro is currently selling for some great prices at select retailers. The absolute cheapest price you can get right now is a standalone unit in the off-white “linen” color, which is on sale from trusted seller Antonline (via Walmart) for $96.78 (about $103 off). That’s a very low price compared to the usual discounts. However, if you prefer a standard color like white, then you can get a one-pack at Amazon for $158.19 ($42 off). If you want to bathe your home in Wi-Fi, you can opt for a two-pack for $208.99 ($91 off) at Walmart or Amazon or a three-pack for $299.99 ($100 off), also from Walmart and Amazon.

The Nest Wifi Pro offers a great mesh router setup with Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for less than Eero’s options. The small, square-ish orbs are likely more than enough for the average home as long as you don’t need speeds above one gigabit.

Read our review of the Google Nest Wifi Pro.
White Google Nest Wifi Pro router on a white table in front of a window.

Google Nest Wifi Pro

$20052% off

The Nest Wifi Pro is an upgraded version of the standard model that’s equipped with Matter and Thread support in addition to Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. Google’s highest-end mesh Wi-Fi router covers homes up to 2,200 square feet with one unit or can reach as much as 6,600 square feet with three units. Read our review.

The Logitech G435 Lightspeed gaming headset, which has long been one of our favorite affordable multi-platform wireless headsets, is on sale in black for $39.99 ($10 off) at Amazon and Dell or $40.99 at Best Buy. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this lightweight headset fall to its all-time low price of $29.99, but judging by some colors being discontinued, it’s possible this model (and its great deals) may slowly be on its way out.

The G435 is a super comfy headset that’s light enough to wear for lengthy gaming sessions, and its lack of a boom mic means you can even use it for some on-the-go music and podcast listening via Bluetooth without looking or feeling ridiculous. Of course, its main purpose is for gaming at home, where it’s compatible with PlayStation 5, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. (Sorry, Xbox users. I know it’s a shame since the black model does look a bit Xbox-y.)


The Logitech G435 Lightspeed can pair with your Switch via Bluetooth or using the included 2.4Ghz wireless dongle with the Switch dock. It also features a pair of mics built into the left ear cup, which allow you to use the in-game chat or answer calls with your mobile device.

Some more Mondeals:

  • MSI’s Stealth 14-inch gaming laptop with Intel 13620H CPU, RTX 4060 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD is on sale at Best Buy for $1,199.99 ($300 off). The Stealth is a portable gaming laptop that weighs in at under four pounds and sports a 1920 x 1200 resolution screen with a speedy 165Hz refresh rate. That 16:10 aspect ratio also makes it a bit more helpful when pulling double duty as a thin and (fairly) light productivity machine.
  • You can get the Lego version of Captain America’s shield for $150 ($50 off) at Amazon. The 3,128-piece building kit stands nearly 19 inches tall once you [Avengers] assemble it, and it includes a display stand and minifig version of Cap himself.
  • Also on the toy front, The Super Mario Bros. Movie van play set is $14.99 ($5 off) at Amazon. If you’re already on the hunt for budget-friendly stocking stuffers and you know some kids (or adults) who enjoyed the movie, this van makes for a cute gift.