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Bethesda’s head of publishing, Pete Hines, is retiring after 24 years

Bethesda’s head of publishing, Pete Hines, is retiring after 24 years


Hines has announced that his ‘time at Bethesda Softworks has come to an end.’

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A photo showing Pete Hines
Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Pete Hines, the head of publishing at Bethesda, is retiring after 24 years at the gaming company. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Hines announced that his time at Bethesda “has come to an end.” Hines first joined Bethesda in 1999 as the senior vice president of global marketing and communications, becoming a well-known figure at the company and the face of Fallout. Last year, Hines became Bethesda’s head of publishing.

Bethesda has seen some major shifts over the past couple of years. Microsoft completed its acquisition of the Skyrim developer in 2021. In August, Bethesda released the space exploration RPG Starfield following the rocky launch of Redfall in May.

“This is certainly not goodbye by any means,” Hines says. “My love of Bethesda and its people has never wavered, and I will never stop being part of this incredible community we have grown.”

Bethesda also commented on Hines’ departure on X. “Pete’s public presence was only a small part of his role at Bethesda, although the way he represented us carried over into the values he nurtured here: authenticity, integrity and passion,” Bethesda writes. “His contributions have been integral in building Bethesda and its family of studios into the world-class organization that it is today.”

Hines notes that his decision to retire did not come “easily or quickly,” adding that he “feels like the time is right” following the launch of Starfield.