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This Detroit-based electric RV has a 250-mile range, Starlink, and 640W of solar

This Detroit-based electric RV has a 250-mile range, Starlink, and 640W of solar


The customizable Grounded G2 has a modular interior built on GM’s all-electric BrightDrop van platform. It costs nearly $200,000, with deliveries starting this month. 

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A boxy Grounded G2 camper van drives down a blurry tree-lined road.
The Grounded G2 is built atop GM’s BrightDrop Zevo 600 platform.
Image: Grounded

It’s not quite a replacement for diesel RVs, but the latest all-electric camper van from Grounded is getting there. The G2 claims a fully loaded range of 250 miles from its 165kWh vehicle battery, which easily trumps the Grounded G1’s range of 108 miles. It can be configured with up to 640W of rooftop solar and a hefty 10kWh house battery that can be charged from the main battery. It’s not cheap, with a starting price of $195,000, but living in the future never is. 

“The G2 is radically different from any other offering on the market,” said Grounded CEO Sam Shapiro, a former SpaceX senior software engineer who worked on Starlink. “It’s a profound step toward a future of fully electrified motorhomes, and makes sustainable travel truly achievable.”

Grounded is an electric RV startup founded in 2022 by some ex-Tesla and SpaceX engineers that operates out of a Ford-sponsored incubator in Detroit. That’s probably why the G1 was built on the Ford E-Transit chassis, whereas the new G2 is built on GM’s all-wheel drive BrightDrop Zevo 600 platform, offering improved range and 615 cubic feet of living space.


Image: Grounded

“We’ve designed the G2 to be as flexible as possible, and our truly modular interior delivers on the promise of a continually upgradable RV interior,” says Shapiro. “Over time, as your life changes and your use cases change, the vehicle can change with you. Customers can replace the modules themselves by removing some fasteners, taking out one module, and inserting a new one.”

The G2 can be fitted with Starlink for off-grid connectivity, heating and cooling in the cabin, an indoor shower, wet bath, induction stovetops, and queen-size bed. The vehicle is protected by an eight-year / 100,000-mile warranty.

Once a customer makes a $100 deposit, Grounded will reach out to schedule a design call to begin the custom build. Deliveries will begin starting this month.