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Apple has stopped offering customer support on X

Apple has stopped offering customer support on X


Apple now redirects customers to its website when they ask for help on X, the platform previously known as Twitter.

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Image: The Verge

Apple will no longer provide customer support on X (formerly Twitter), as spotted earlier by MacRumors. When you try to send a direct message to the Apple Support account, it now instructs you to visit the general support page on Apple’s website.

The account will similarly respond with an automated reply for any message you send it. After asking the account about an issue with an iPhone 15, Apple support replied saying: “It sounds like you have an issue with your iPhone. We can help, but to provide the best support we’d like to continue this conversation in another support channel.” The message also included a link to Apple’s iPhone support page.

The Apple Support account now directs you to the company’s website.
The Apple Support account now directs you to the company’s website.
Screenshot: Emma Roth / The Verge

The change also means that Apple Support will no longer provide individual assistance to customers who tag the company in posts. Instead of replying with a prompt for customers to privately message the company, it now refers them to Apple’s website for more assistance. The Verge reached out to Apple with a request for more information but didn’t immediately hear back.

In August, MacRumors reported that Apple planned to eliminate around 150 social media support advisor roles who helped customers on X, YouTube, and the Apple Support Community forums. The change was supposed to go into effect on October 1st, and Apple has since swapped out the description on its Apple Support account on X to reflect that. As pointed out by MacRumors, Apple Support’s profile previously said it was “available every day to answer your questions,” but now it says “we’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most.”

Apple Support seems to have stopped replying to customers’ questions in the comments sections of its YouTube videos, too. However, MacRumors reports that customer assistance on the Apple Support forum will continue “temporarily” as the company transitions to offering over-the-phone help.