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Paris Hilton is getting a special deal to post on X

Paris Hilton is getting a special deal to post on X


She’s the first celeb we know of to get a bespoke revenue-share agreement with Elon Musk’s platform. #Sliving?

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A photo of Paris Hilton DJing a party.
Photo by Rick Kern / Getty Images for The Sandbox

X, the company formerly known as Twitter, has made a special revenue sharing deal with Paris Hilton and her media company, 11:11. It even includes a custom hashtag for a word that Hilton has been trying to popularize since at least 2019: “sliving.”

A combination of the words “slaying” and “living,” sliving is supposed to be Hilton’s new “that’s hot,” her catchphrase that was inescapable in the early 2000s. Now the year is 2023, and Linda Yaccarino, fresh from her interview on the Code stage, is posting “#sliving” to a site called X.

Here’s what Hilton and X’s partnership entails, according to company spokesperson Joe Benarroch:

  • The two will “work together to create 4 original video content programs per year that includes live shopping,” along with “a host of new activations across all surfaces of X.” This live shopping experience will let viewers of Hilton’s livestream “browse through a catalog of products and then click through to the site to make a purchase via our in-app browser.”
  • It sounds like Hilton doesn’t have to do much heavy lifting: “X will work to secure brand sponsorship to support each of the activations.”
  • “X will also support amplifying other efforts that 11:11 Media / Paris Hilton will be involved in throughout the year.”

The platform recently started sharing an unspecified percentage of revenue from ads that appear next to posts from paid, verified users. Hilton’s financial arrangement with X — which appears to be the first of its kind under the Musk regime — works differently, according to Benarroch. When I asked him over email how Hilton’s deal differed from the existing creator payout program, he said it’s a “different partnership” that will last for two years.