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Amazon enables passwordless passkeys on iOS and the web

Amazon enables passwordless passkeys on iOS and the web


Amazon is launching passkey support starting with its shopping website and iOS shopping app, with Android support coming soon.

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Illustration of a hand holding an iPhone with the Face ID screen saying a passkey for amazon customer will be saved in iCloud keychain on iPhone supports passkeys so people can log in with Face ID.
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s rolling out passkey support for its online site and mobile shopping apps. Customers can log in to Amazon using just their devices’ biometrics and start shopping without the need to enter a password or follow through with two-factor authentication (2FA) through email or text.

Amazon dipped its toes into passkey support earlier this month for its web experience, but it wasn’t ready for primetime yet since the implementation still required a 2FA code and wasn’t enabled for the mobile apps. If you’re interested in enabling passkey support with Amazon, you can enroll by going to, visiting your account settings, clicking “Login & Security,” and using the “Set up” button next to “passkey.”

screenshot of passkey setting
The Amazon iOS app has a new passkey section under Your Account > Login and Security.
Screenshot: Umar Shakir / The Verge

You can also enable passkeys through the iOS app once it’s updated. It will be under Your Account > Login and Security > Set Up For Passkeys. Amazon did not provide a timeline for Android app users but did say it’s “coming soon.”

Amazon is the latest company to add passkey support for customers to securely access their accounts without a password. Just keep in mind that most companies still retain passwords on accounts, so the world won’t be genuinely password-free for a while.