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League’s new boy band looks ripped out of Arcane

League’s new boy band looks ripped out of Arcane


You can see the virtual band in their new music video that Riot Games debuted on Monday.

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The first music video from Heartsteel, Riot Games’ new virtual boy band starring characters from League of Legends, is here.

The video, for the band’s first song, “Paranoia,” has a slick look that harkens back to the awesome art style of Arcane, Netflix’s animated series set in the League of Legends universe. While a second season for that show in the works, it’s not set to release until Q4 2024, so this new video will have to tide you over for now. It helps that the song is pretty catchy. (You can hear it on music streaming services, too.)

Heartsteel is just one of many virtual League bands, a roster that already includes K-pop group K/DA, Pentakill (heavy metal), and hip-hop group True Damage. Riot collaborates with real-life artists as well: K-pop band NewJeans is performing Riot’s anthem for this year’s Worlds competition, and last year, the company teamed up with Lil Nas X for an anthem that he performed during an impressive performance in November.