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Lego’s flapping Dune Ornithopter set comes with a big boi Baron minifig

Lego’s flapping Dune Ornithopter set comes with a big boi Baron minifig


‘The mystery of [Lego] isn’t a problem to solve but a reality to experience’ – Frank Herbert, probably.

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The Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter Lego set on a shelf beside its eight character mini figurines.
Look at that magnificent fella on the far left — every bit as imposing as the real deal.
Image: Lego

If you’re bummed about Dune: Part Two being delayed until March 15th, 2024, Lego’s latest Icons set might be the ideal fix to tide you over. The Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter — a 1,369-piece replica of the Imperium’s favored flapping flying machine — is now available to preorder for $164.99, with a release date set for February 1st, 2024.

While both the Dune (2021) and upcoming Dune: Part Two movies have PG-13 ratings, this Lego set is a “premium-quality” model designed for adults. When assembled, it features flappable fold-out wings, deployable landing gear, and a cockpit that can be opened to place in one of the eight included mini figurines of the franchise’s cast.

The Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter Lego set on a table.
When the wings are fully extended, the model measures over nine inches high, 22 inches long, and 31 inches wide.
Image: Lego

Well, at least seven of the characters anyway. The Atreides Royal Ornithopter set comes with Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin), Chani (Zendaya), Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), Liet-Kynes (Sharon Duncan-Brewster), and Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa), none of which should have an issue fitting inside the model.

Eight Lego mini figurines depicting characters from the Dune (2021) movie franchise.
Nothing scarier than four bald Lego figurines in a trenchcoat. “Fear is the mind killer,” yadda yadda...
Image: Lego

The eighth “mini figurine” — Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgård) — is donning the same laughably long robe as his movie counterpart, making him roughly four times taller than the other figurines. I can’t decide if his proportions bring me joy or immense discomfort. It’s truly a Lego set that follows Frank Herbert’s vision.

Dune: Part Two was originally scheduled to be released on November 3rd of this year before it was pushed back amid the various strikes that have impacted Hollywood productions. Director Denis Villeneuve has previously said he intends to end the Dune movie trilogy with an adaptation of Dune Messiah, which has tragically dashed my hopes of seeing this Baron minifig usurped by a larger, more horrifying replica of Leto II Atreides.