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The Verge
Mark Zuckerberg says AI might get to a place where it just generates content in your feeds.

This is not a future that I like or one that I think will happen, but it’s a way things could go.

Here’s the full quote, as part of predictions from Zuckerberg about AI, from Meta’s Q3 2023 earnings call (emphasis mine):

What I predict is… I do think that the fundamental technology around generative AI is going to transform meaningfully how people use each of the different apps that we build. For the feed apps, I think that over time, more of the content that people consume is going to be either generated or edited by AI. Some of it will be… creators will now have all these tools to make content more easily and more fun. And I think over time, maybe we’ll even get to the point where we can just generate content directly for people based on what they might be interested in.

Zuckerberg also shared an update on Threads.